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Everyone knows by now that surfing the web is not a safe and secure activity, especially when you are not using any protection tools. However, while you access a page, there is a big possibility to be tracked by numerous invisible websites that are looking for your private information (a tradable good nowadays) and even affect your internet speed.
Disconnect comes to your help by allowing you to visualize and block these types of hidden sites and give you a speed boost on the side.
No configuration required
After you add it to your browser, a small D icon will show up in the extension bar. The next visited site will activate the add-on and if there are tracking websites on that page, a small green square containing a number will be added to the icon, letting you know that there is a connection with unseen sites.
Can instantly block the top social media sites
When you open the small UI, you will notice that the top part is occupied by three green symbols which depict the media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter. Blocking them can be done in a jiffy, by clicking on them. Once clicked, they will turn grey, letting you know that any interference from them is cut off.
However, if you require their tracking, you can easily unblock them by clicking on them again.
Check what sites are informed when you are on a page
 A really neat feature of Disconnect is a small graphic representation of how many websites are informed about your presence on the root page. The graph can be found (after accessing a page) near the lower part of the interface, called Visualize page.
Visualize page tells you exactly how many sites are on the watching list and how many of them are known tracking sites and. The known tracking sites are sporting red circles, while the grey circles are not considered trackers, even though they may be.
Time and bandwidth saved
At the bottom of the UI, you can notice two mini-graph that show you how much time and bandwidth you saved. Hovering the cursor over them will also show the numerical values, for better reading.
To sum it up
Disconnect might be of help for the user that really hate to be tracked without their knowledge and consent. The visualize page feature brings a good level of transparency to the table, as you don’t really get to see which sites are involved in your tracking, in real-time.







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This extension was designed for people who want to block all sorts of tracking across the web. It allows you to easily disable a host of major tracking sites with one click, whether you are on a web page or not. It also provides a full-fledged ui, which gives you instant access to see what sites are tracking your activity and also show you how many you are being tracked from. This makes the extension easier to use and simpler to configure.

25. Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is an extension that allows you to block ads on a website and eliminate the annoying advertisements that have been present for ages. In fact, it uses the same technology as Adobe Flash, i.e., Shockwave, for advertising purposes. This means that not only will you be able to avoid banner ads and ads that are floating on the page, but you can also block pop-up ads that contain weird scripts that might pose a security threat to your machine. The extension is completely free to use, so you don’t have to pay a dime for it. You can also download it using the official website. The extension comes bundled with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so you needn’t worry about compatibility issues. The official website is: AdBlock Plus.

26. Hola

Hola is a reliable browser extension that allows you to make a switch from ad-supported web browsing to an ad-free experience. In fact, the extension makes the web browsing process pretty annoying and fun, as you can manage and customize your browser search engine according to your preferences and make it fit the way you like.
Hola comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to quickly and easily install the extension using the official website. The extension can be used in your Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser.

27. Incognito for Firefox

Incognito for Firefox is one of the best extensions to help you protect your privacy. It does exactly what its name suggests, as it allows you to browse the web in incognito mode, i.e., it will create a separate environment for you to surf the web without being tracked. The extension creates a new profile in your browser to allow you to browse without leaving any traces. You can also use this extension to browse a different set of websites or even have a different browser.

28. Disconnect

Disconnect is an extension that will save you from being tracked. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Safari,

What’s New in the?

Longvue allows you to easily secure your online activity. It makes you anonymous by removing yourself from the main trackers of the internet and from all the other online services. You can easily protect all the internet activities that you do with this app.
You can easily be anonymous with Longvue. It removes you from the main trackers and from all the other online services. You can easily protect all the internet activities that you do with this app.
Longvue is an app made for you to easily protect yourself online. You can easily remove yourself from the main trackers and from all the other online services. You can easily remove yourself from the main trackers and from all the other online services.
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You can safely download your favorite apps with Accu4you. It does not require an account and it keeps you anonymous while downloading apps. It will allow you to download multiple apps at once.
Accu4you is a free download that does not require an account. It is very easy to use. It will allow you to download multiple apps at once.
L-Guard scans your code for unauthorized modifications and then analyzes them and identifies changes that can be harmful to your phone. It makes sure you are safe with what you download.
L-Guard will scan your code for unauthorized modifications and then analyze them and identify changes that can be harmful to your phone. It makes sure you are safe with what you download.
L-Guard scans your code for unauthorized modifications and then analyzes them and identifies changes that can be harmful to your phone. It makes sure you are safe with what you download.
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You are safe and secure
The user is protected in several ways:
– Blocking ads
– Blocking tracking sites
– Blocking third-party services
– Emulating hardware such as a Virtual Private Network
– Preventing your apps from recording
– Detecting “push notification” services that can also spy on you
– Filtering the cookie with JavaScript
– Clearing your history
– Disabling the geolocation
– Search a bug tracker
– Protecting your device from viruses

System Requirements For Disconnect For Chrome:

Windows Vista or Windows 7
1 GHz Processor
1 GB Hard Disk Space
1680 x 1050 Display Resolution
What’s New:
Various improvements and bug fixes.
PS: This is a standalone freeware product. It requires no additional files to be installed.This invention relates to the field of submersible pumps. In particular, the invention relates to a disposable fluid recovery assembly for a submersible pump.
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