Is there any bond between film score music and heavy metal?

Atlas Pain is an italian Epic-Folk Metal band that combine the epicness of cinematic music with the
speed and power of the sacred pagan metal.
The orchestrations take a fundamental role in their compositions, showing to the world how hard
and beautiful the task to join these two such different worlds is.


The band was born on May 2013 from Samuele Faulisi’s mind, with the help of Fabrizio Tartarini,
Riccardo Floridia and Louie Raphael.

In the beginning of 2014 Atlas Pain released a demo showing the real potential of the band. It
immediately received an unexpected positive feedback from the critic that prompted the band to set
live concerts from all over northern Italy.

On October 2014 the band signed a promotion and booking deal with Ronin Agency that
contributed to reach a remarkable interest in the music scene, in Italy and abroad as well
During the first months of 2015 the band toured northern Italy, while working on a number of new
songs to be recorded for the first official EP.

And so it was, on March 2015 Atlas Pain recorded “Behind The Front Page”, with the help of
Davide Tavecchia from Twilight Studio (Holy Shire, Cidodici) and Maurizio Giannotti of
Newmastering Studio (Afterhours, Punkreas, Drakkar).

The EP was released on 18th May, accompanied by the lyric video of the first single “Each Uisge”
and followed by dozens of stunning reviews.

The band entered the studio in May 2016 to record the debut album.

On July Atlas Pain signed a deal with the legendary italian label Scarlet Records to publish “What The Oak Left”, a ten pieces opera that will be released on March 10th, 2017.

“Tales of a Pathfinder” is the second full length, out on Scarlet Records on April 19th 2019.

After the great acceptance of the first one, the new album is the perfect evolution of what “What The Oak Left” represented in terms of epic music and steampunk scenarios.

The artcover has been handled once again by Jan ‘Örkki’ Yrlund – Darkgrove and the band photos proudly crafted by Ivano ‘Ozzo’ Tomba.

‘Tales Of A Pathfinder’ has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabrizio Romani (Media Factory Studio), with additional recordings by Davide Tavecchia (Twilight Studio).

For fans of Equilibrium, Wintersun, Ensiferum, Hans Zimmer, John Williams.